Jane Anne Gideon is a watercolorist whose work has focused upon landscape and botanical themes. Her paintings of the mid-west landscape are modern-day pastorals that describe nature in views that are pure and unspoiled. Gideon's work has followed the tradition of plein air painting, which means creating a work of art on location. All of Gideon's landscapes as well as her botanical-theme works begin on site, imbuing her work with the unmistakable freshness that comes with working in nature. Using direct brush work and skillfully applied glazes of intense, transparent color, Gideon's paintings have no underlying pencil drawing. The result is a graceful and flowing appearance to the work wherein the emphasis is placed upon form and light.Jane Anne strives to capture the ephemeral qualities of light , atmospheric color and the spiritual essence of place: the hallmarks of her artwork.

Gideon botanicals are exuberant gardenece landscapes that take the viewer on a tour, often with a bugs-eye-view of the world. In this genre Jane Anne permits herself to depart from the purist's mode and to incorporate mixed media. Because these works are more often completed in studio, some botanical works are huge, reaching fifty-one inches in breadth.

A graduate of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, Jane Anne resides and works in Columbia Missouri. Jane Anne has received numerous regional awards and her watercolors are in private, corporate, and public collections throughout the United States. Her commissioned works have appeared in publications, as prints, and greeting cards. Gideon is a signature member of the Kansas Watercolor Society, and as a member of the Missouri Watercolor Society, and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America.


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